Negative results for the new Pfizer medicine for the deficit of growth hormone

at 19.03.2021
OPKO Health Inc informed that the results of a wide study on the effects of experimental medicine for deficiency of growth hormone (hGH) on adult patients (GHD) revealed no significant statistic benefit for the target group comparatively to placebo.

OPKO Company (Miami, USA), which has developed the new medicine (hGH-CTP) together with Pfizer Inc, informed that, in the study, several external factors affected the triage of patients being administered the medicine once per week.

GHD is a rare disease characterized by insufficient pituitary secretion of growth hormone. The disease may be hereditary, it may occur pursuant to trauma, infection, therapy with radiations, or pursuant to cerebral tumors, registering as well cases of GHD without cause diagnosed.

OPKO declared as well that they started a study for the evaluation of effects of medicines on children diagnosed with such deficit, following the comparative evaluation with the current standard treatment, therapy with genotropin, developed by Pfizer.

The approval of a medicine for children diagnosed with GHD – summing approximately half of total cases of GHD – represents a valuable source of gain for the company, receiving payments from Pfizer.

If approved, it is expected that this medicine generates 1 billion $ of sales, up to 2026.

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