Medical Specialties

Geriatrics /Gerontology

Today, gerontology - a multi and inter-disciplinary domain - covers not only the treatment of age-generated affection, but also the understanding of the biological and psychological phenomena speeding up the aging process.

As we grow old, our minds and bodies start to change gradually. Some of these changes might sneak upon us, so slowly, that we might not even notice them at first. However, they do happen. Thus, we often discover too late, that we suffer from chronic diseases that can no longer be treated, but only mitigated till the end.

Thus, Gerontology can help us prevent or even cure, in our third age, certain illnesses that might turn our lives into a permanent struggle to fight disease, aging, or even premature death, if they were to get worse.

That’s why, to us, Gerontology is primarily a science focusing on preventing serious diseases and on a long and healthy life.