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Family Medicine

Family Medicine is a medical speciality that goes beyond any other medical specialisation, because it requires a full and complex approach to a patient’s state of health.

In fact, today, a GP is the closest thing to a full heir of medicine, as it has always been known. That’s why, he/she ahs a very difficult task to do, as he/she has to prevent, diagnose, prescribe medication and treat illnesses, from their very incipient stages, while also monitoring each patient, until they are fully recovered. As dr. Mihaela Daniela Baltă put it: "the GP is the only doctor capable of taking into account all the medical, physiological, pathological, social, psychological or other kinds of aspects applicable to a patient.”

Besides, a GP is like a member of the patient’s family because, the existence of a close relationship between him/her and his/her patients or their families, is often one of the main conditions for him/her to fulfil his duty. How else could a patient be guided towards a healthy lifestyle? How else could he/she be understood and supported in his/her efforts to overcome certain specific problems, by encouraging and motivating him/her to heal.

That’s how we see Family Medicine:  as a vocation and a mission undertaken by the GP, to fully dedicate himself/herself to his/her patients, with all their moral and health issues; this is, in fact, a promise to dedicate himself/herself to the community and to the whole society.

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