Therapeutic approach

We know how to fight a cancer cell left after a surgery. Either we bombard it with a certain dose of radiation, or we kill with chemotherapy. However we often realised that a treatment proven to be efficient in one patient, may not be equally efficient in another. Some people heal and never relapse again. Others survive for a certain number of years, but there are also plenty of patients who do not respond to the treatment at all. What are the causes of this behaviour? What can be done?
We can find the answers to these questions in the same sciences, by certifying, over the years, various strategies that allow a good therapeutic response to any of the conventional approaches mentioned above.

In order to avoid chemo-resistance  or intolerance to the chemotherapy substances used, our clinic provides its patients with chemo-sensitivity and pharmacogenetics tests. Besides, a patient’s pro-inflammatory  states can be monitored with certain tests, as well as their immune system response and other parameters involved in the multiplication of tumour cells. Genetic testing – comprising immunohistochemistry and molecular genetic analyses – is available for targeted immunotherapy.
Besides, if we take into account the latest chemo-resistance studies, one can try to prevent this phenomenon by using various strategies such a tumour hyperoxia induced by oxygen or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, increasing a tumour’s sensitivity to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, by way of local  or total hyperthermia and by other means that have been proven effective.

We are convinced that the only way to provide an oncology patient with the best possible chances of beating cancer, is to fight on all fronts. Such a war has to be waged with all the means offered to us by modern medicine and by fundamental research. Cancer is a systemic illness of a world endemically affected by chaos and toxicity. This makes cancer a very tough opponent, that can only be beaten by  taking  into account the infinite complexity of the human body, its endless resources that allow it to protect itself and to survive, especially when the organism gets help in fighting a disease.

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