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Its objective is to heal and improve the quality of life of patients through medical services centered on a complex, causal and integrative approach to the disease, which makes many of the therapies unique in Romania.
We work with the awareness that excellence implies a continuous increase in performance, through permanent adaptation to the latest results of medical sciences, through the attention given to prevention and education of a healthy lifestyle.


Our team aims to inspire trust and confidence by establishing an environment in which the expression of love and compassion makes us all - patients, staff, and administration - feel like family. And, because suffering and discomfort, as well as the uncertainty of a diagnosis, are terrible times in a patient's life, we want to be there for them in a warm and empathetic manner.


We aim ImunoMedica to be a leading healthcare innovator by identifying and developing forward-thinking ways that constantly push the boundaries of what has become conventional healthcare. Because scientific research is always providing new insights, we believe it is our responsibility to use everything medical science has to offer to improve the health and lives of our patients.



ImunoMedica Clinic features one of the most advanced and well-equipped medical analysis laboratories.

medical analysis laboratory

In addition to the standard tests, our laboratory can carry out tests that are critical for the diagnosis of certain conditions that require differential diagnosis. To name a few examples of such tests:

  • Chemosensitivity tests
  • Detection of circulating tumor cells
  • Heavy metal determination
  • Microbiome profile
  • Inflammation and intestinal permeability tests
  • Immunological profile
  • Food intolerance tests


It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, for the chronically ill to procure ingredients and prepare their meals in a way that meets the requirements of a diet that satisfies medical recommendations.

With this in mind, patients at our clinic can find juices, salads, and meals prepared in our own kitchen from the highest quality ingredients, as opposed to so-called organic or eco marketed foods.

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Spiritual and emotional health

Patients can get all the spiritual support they need in our clinic's chapel. Experience has taught us that, when a patient acquires peace of mind through spiritual practice and faith, therapies are considerably more likely to have the desired effect.



For us, love means taking care of our patients as if they were members of our own family.
The warm and welcoming atmosphere at ImunoMedica is meant to give the patient encouragement, hope, and a sense of being appreciated, as well as to help them deal with the weight of their diagnosis and the difficulty and length of their treatment.

Veronica Zaharia
breast cancer
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breast cancer
Popescu Traian
prostate cancer
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breast cancer

How can you become a patient of our clinic?

Throughout the whole process, from your initial contact, through treatment and after you leave our clinic, our patient coordinators will guide you through the steps and support you with all their expertise, attention and kindness.


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