ImunoMedica wants a sustained activity in the field of research, by being involved in various projects and studies with an impact on the diagnosis, but also on the treatments carried out in the clinic.

This activity may also be possible through collaborations with various research institutions.

As a starting point, we take the technological logistics that the clinic already has: NGS laboratory ("Next-Generation Sequencing"), electroporator, flowcytometry, etc<


1. The electroporation project.

2. New therapeutic molecular assemblies carriers for Curcumin
Project Leader: Dr. Elena Gabriela Ioniță, "Ilie Murgulescu” Institute of Physical Chemistry, Romanian Academy
Partner: Laurențiu Broscaru, MD, ImunoMedica Provita SRL

The Team

Dr. Iulian Rujan
Dr. Laurențiu Broscaru

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