Medical Specialties

Services. Gynecology

Gynaecology  consults  (intra-vaginal ultrasound, included)
Menopause consultations (intra-vaginal ultrasound, included)
Couple infertility consult  (intra-vaginal ultrasound, included)
Sample collection for Pap tests
Vaginal and cervix  secretion sampling for direct and bacteriological examination, Chlamydia,  Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma
Cervix HPV genotyping.
Recommendations for gynaecologic treatments.
Treatment recommendations for mitigating menopause symptoms
Recommended alternative lab tests for gynaecologic illnesses, menopause.
Recommended lab tests for couple infertility
Specific treatment recommendations for gynaecologic diseases
Treatment recommendations for infertility
Ovulation monitoring and determination of fertile windows.
Controlled ovarian stimulations, ovulation stimulations
Acupuncture for gynaecologic diseases
General acupuncture, chronic affections, pain management.
Oncologic acupuncture
Stimulating acupuncture for couple fertility
Relaxation, sleep-inducing and anti-stress acupuncture
Cosmetic and anti-aging acupuncture