Medical Specialties


Urology is an extremely important medical-surgery specialty, which has had a tremendous impact on public health issues, over the past few decades, both due to its incgeneral reased neoplastic pathology (prostate, bladder, kidney, testicle, urethral and penis tumours) and due to its non-neoplastic pathology (benign prostate hyperplasia, lithiasic pathology, etc.)

Given the fact that, the increased incidence of malign urologic pathologies make-up an important percentage of neoplasia  cases in the general population, especially among men (approximately 40%), we thing that an early diagnosis, accompanied by the right identification of the illness stages and the correct treatment administered for each stage, can lead to a complete healing in most cases.

All our methods used to diagnose, give treatment indications and monitor our patients, are in compliance with the most recent European guidelines in the fields of urology and oncology.