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Differential diagnostic. Internal Medicine

With this service, we try to reach a final diagnostic in patients for whom such diagnostic has not been identified yet.

In these cases, the final diagnostic is, most frequently, a "unifying one”  (that "unifying diagnosis” that American doctors talk about) which takes into account all or most of the stage diagnostics, the clinical and the para-clinical test results.

Such an endeavour may seem audacious. However, we do not take this road because we consider  ourselves  better or more intelligent than the rest, but because we are convinced that we can reach our goal: by dedicating more time (more hours) to a certain case, by developing certain work strategies specific to that case, involving the cutting edge technology available to us: highly performing lab, including NGS ("Next-Generation-Sequencing”) or heavy metal detection, by learning from other diagnostic centres in Europe and, when we cannot reach a satisfying diagnostic by ourselves, by reaching out to other experts and centres in Europe, asking them to help us in our endeavour.

All appointments for this service must be taken with dr. Laurențiu Broscaru.

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