Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy  are the main therapeutic approaches available to treat an oncology patient. In many cases, they can be lifesaving  and they are a vital part of our therapeutic strategy. However, they also pose a great risk due to the wide range of their side potential effects. Thus, recovery after such an intervention is a very important goal to achieve, especially after a therapeutic success. If recovery is not achieved on time, there is a high risk of developing or maintaining certain serious illnesses in the oncology patient, which would make relapse very likely.
That’s why, a precise assessment of some  biological parameters such as inflammation, immunity, liver status, is an absolute must for the patient to have a positive evolution.
Depending on the results of such an assessment, various support therapies may be adopted, in view of reducing chronic inflammation and consolidating the patient’s immunity, reducing toxicity and achieving psycho-emotional balance.
In this context, adopting a healthy lifestyle becomes essential for post-cancer recovery and relapse prevention.
All these - both the oncology treatment and the supporting treatment - can be provided by our clinic. The oncology treatment is provided in observance of a high therapy standard while the supporting treatment can be performed following a complex set of tests, by way of a multi-disciplinary approach that our clinic can offer to you, via its specialists in various domains.

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