Medical Specialties

Services. Oncology

A multi-disciplinary approach provided to our oncology patients
Personalised chemotherapy
Personalised immunotherapy
Potentiating radiotherapy with local and total hyperthermia  
Oncology. Services.
Personalised chemotherapy
Personalised immunotherapy
Time to study each separate case and draw up an individualised treatment plan.
Genetic profiling and assessing the interactions and incompatibilities caused by the therapies used.
Circulating tumour cell dosing  - playing a role in treatment management and oncologic monitoring.
Chemo-sensitivity tests
Most medical and surgical specialities are available in our clinic.
Associated services – nutrition, psychology and psychiatry – both for patients and for their families.
Second opinion
Supporting treatment and pain management.
Oncology navigator services (facilitating contact with various specialists needed for the treatment)
Reports issued for committees (retirement, disability, expert’s reports, etc.) and medical devices (oxygen concentrator, prostheses, stomas, etc.)