Medical Specialties


The ImunoMedica centre gives its oncology patients a multi-disciplinary and personalised approach this illness, in observance of the highest medical and scientific standards.

Doctors, nutritionists, nurses and other cancer specialists get together periodically to discuss the specific problems and needs of each patient and a personalised treatment plan. Besides, the doctor-patient relationship is very close, based on a proper explanation and understanding of the disease.  

We stand by our patients and their family throughout the entire medical process – diagnostic, treatment, monitoring, symptom therapy. An efficient communication between our doctors and their patients insures a high level of compliance and positive results. A patient who is well informed will obtain the best possible therapeutic results. Thus, it is essential for us to make sure that our patients are actively involved in the therapeutic process, both by raising awareness and by sharing our care, empathy and love felt by our entire medical staff.

Our medical team, our lab equipment and all the other cutting edge medical technology available in our clinic, help us provide monitoring services for someone’s illness, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and supporting therapies at the same professional and scientific standards as ones offered in the greatest oncology clinics in the world.