Sauna Detox in cancer

Sauna Detox in cancer

Regular sauna use for at least 7 days stimulates the immune system response and increases parasympathetic activity, which greatly benefits any anti-cancer therapy. Given this effect, ImunoMedica Clinic offers patients the possibility to use both the wet sauna and the far-infrared sauna for their synergistic effect.

Far-infrared sauna


We are focusing on the far-infrared sauna in particular because studies have shown that it accelerates the detoxification process by causing the sebaceous glands (apocrine sweat glands) to produce more sweat containing cholesterol, endogenous or exogenous fat-soluble toxins (xenobiotics), heavy metals, ammonia, and uric acid, among other substances, by 15% to 20% more than the classic sauna.

This is because in traditional saunas, 95-97% of the sweat is water released by the eccrine sweat glands, whereas sweat from those using a far infrared thermal system contains only 80-85% water, with the rest being sebaceous gland sweat, which makes the detoxification process much more intense.

Please keep in mind that we are referring to the far infrared sauna 3-30 Hz because it is the only one capable of deeply heating the body to a depth of nearly 4 cm. The near-infrared sauna only heats the surface of the skin, which significantly reduces the sauna's detoxifying effect.

Studies have also shown that a regimen of seven daily sauna sessions reduces the dominance of the sympathetic nervous system and increases the response of the parasympathetic nervous system. Simultaneously, the immune system is stimulated, producing NK, NKT, and immune B cells, which are crucial in the fight against cancer.


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