The therapeutic solutions we provide comprise a wide range of conventional, adjuvant and supportive therapies, which integrate medical concepts that have been built on a sturdy scientific basis and on the clinical experience of numerous cancer specialists worldwide.

ImunoMedica patients have access to the latest diagnostic tools, technologies and innovations as well as to the latest and best treatments available, as soon as these are proven to be safe and effective. It is only by continually striving to overcome the limits of the medical act which has turned conventional, that we are able to offer our patients the best chance to regain their health, of that we are certain.

 1.    Adjuvant therapy for to prevent chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression, hematopoietic inhibition, immune suppression.


 a)   Enhancing chemotherapy effectiveness through the synergistic combination of natural extracts alongside cytostatic drugs, mitigating their associated adverse effects

  • IV Curcumin
  • IV Sodium Selenite

b)   Adjuvant immunotherapies

  • Thymosine Alpha 1, im, ic
  • Thymopentin, im, ic
  • Thymus peptide Extract, im, ic
  • Interleukine-2

2.    Immunogenic Therapies


a)    Photodinamic therapy (Weber method)

  • Chlorin e6 photosensitizer
  • Indocyanine green photosensitizer
  • Curcumin photosensitizer
  • Riboflavin photosensitizer
  • Apigenin photosensitizer

b)   immunomodulatory and immunostimulation therapy

  • Whole-body hyperthermia
  • Gut microbiota modulation
  • Ozonotherapy (Autohemotherapy, Ozone Rectal Insufflations))
  • Ozonotherapy + UVB (Autohemotherapy)
  • UVB
  • Intravenous Laser
  • Mistletoe therapy (Helixor) sc.
  • IV Curcumin
  • Thymopentin iv.
  • Interleukine-2 sc.
  • Thymosine alpha 1 im.

3.    Immunotherapy

  • Low dose nivolumab
  • Low dose ipilimumab

4.    Antiangiogenic and antitumoral therapies

  • IV Genistein

5.    The therapeutic effect of conventional interventions is amplified by scientifically proven support therapies.


a.    Targeting Tumor Perfusion and Oxygenation

b.    Metabolic cancer therapy – use metabolic inhibitors of cancer cells, medicaments, supplements, nutritional approach

c.     Chemo-sensibilisation therapies

  • IV Curcumin
  • IV Quercetin
  • IV 2-Deoxyglucose (2 DG)

d.   Other therapies with chemotherapeutic effect

  • IV Apatone  (Vitamin C + Menadione)
  • IV Artesunate
  • IV Honokiol
  • IV Shogaol 6
  • IV Dichloracetate (DCA)
  • IV Taurolidine
  • The Procaine-Base-Infusion

6. Psychoneuroendocrine (PNE) therapy of cancer

  • Melatonin high dose
  • IV Angiotensin 1-7
  • Oxytocin
  • 5 Metoxytriptamine (5MTT)
  • CBD, CBG

  7.    Gut microbiota dysbiosis therapy

  • Hydrocolon therapy
  • Probiotics, Prebiotics, ProMucosa
  • FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant)

8.    Suportive IV therapies

  • IV ONKO Aminoacids
  • IV Metabol Forte
  • IV B1, B6, Methylcobalamine
  • IV Electrolytes
  • Bemer therapy
  • Molecular Hydrogen Therapy



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