The Lyme Center

Antibiotics in Lyme disease

We choose the antibiotics in Lyme disease, dosages, and administration duration according to the disease stage, i.e., Erythema Migrans, early dissemination, or late dissemination (Lyme arthritis or neuroborreliosis).

Antibiotics in Lyme disease

Laboratory tests, intolerance tests, the patient's clinical condition, and, most importantly, whether and which antibiotics have already been administered are also considered.

The antibiotics we are using in the ImunoMedica Clinic are following the most recent guidelines and reviews.


Antibiotics are one of the best tools in the fight against Lyme disease. Still, in the more advanced stages, especially when the person has a poor immune response or biofilms have already formed, it is necessary to complement these treatments with all the other therapies which, according to clinical experience, bring a compelling benefit in treating this disease.