The Lyme Center

Therapies in Lyme disease

The multisystemic and multidimensional nature of Lyme disease proves that one can achieve the cure only with a multimodal and integrative approach. Therefore, we introduced most therapies that have been proven effective in treating Lyme infection and associated co-infections, as well as in the recovery from the disease.

Thus, we administer conventional antibiotic-centered therapies associated with treatments such as total hyperthermia and hyperbaric oxygen and complemented by other therapies such as vitamin C infusions or other anti-inflammatory and bactericidal extracts. The treatments that aim at restoring the microbiome and enhancing detoxification mechanisms play an important role in counteracting the Herxheimer reaction specific to the destruction of biofilms and bacteria.

Standard and
adjuvant therapies
in Lyme disease

Oxidative bactericidal
and antiviral therapies
in Lyme disease

Biofilm destruction
and toxin removal

Anti-inflammatory and
antioxidant therapies

Manual therapies