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Detox sauna in Lyme disease

The infrared sauna is perhaps the best means of detoxification, given that the skin is the body's largest excretory organ, with a surface area of approximately 1.5-1.9 m2.

According to studies, in comparison with the classic sauna, infrared sauna increases by 15%-20% the sweat carried by the sebaceous (apocrine sweat) glands - containing cholesterol, endogenous or exogenous fat-soluble toxins (xenobiotics), heavy metals, ammonia, and uric acid, etc.

In a traditional sauna, 95-97% of the sweat is water released by the eccrine sweat glands, while the effort from a far-infrared thermal system contains only 80-85% water, the rest being sweat from the sebaceous glands.

Please note that we are referring to the far infrared sauna, at a frequency of 3-30 Hz, as it is the only one that can heal the body deeply to a depth of almost 4 cm. The near-infrared sauna heats only the surface of the skin.

Detox sauna in Lyme disease

Studies also show that a sauna cure for seven days in a row leads to a decrease in the dominance of the sympathetic nervous system and an increase in the parasympathetic nervous system response. At the same time, there is a stimulation of the immune system through the production of NK, NKT, and immune B cells. So, the infrared sauna helps the body fight against microbes, in our case, Lyme borreliosis and associated co-infections.

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