About Us

Mission, Vision, Values


ImunoMedica seeks to heal and improve the quality of life of patients by providing medical services that focus on a complex, causal, and integrative approach to disease, which makes many of our therapies unique in Romania.

Treatment and care for individuals who use our services are always centered on the patient's needs and delivered with the utmost expertise and professionalism, ensuring that those who rely on us achieve an optimal state of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Our team aims to inspire trust and confidence by establishing an environment in which the expression of love and compassion makes us all - patients, staff, and administration - feel like family. And, because suffering and discomfort, as well as the uncertainty of a diagnosis, are terrible times in a patient's life, we want to be there for them in a warm and empathetic manner.

We work with an awareness that excellence necessitates an ever-increasing level of performance, by continuously adapting to the most recent medical science findings and by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

Our medical services are available at more than reasonable prices for everyone.


To become the first choice and a standard in all that entails exceptional medical care, warm relationships, undivided attention, and compassion toward patients, and to be known for medical services of the highest caliber, founded on an exceptional medical team, innovation, technology, and medical expertise.



Innovation and pioneering

We aim ImunoMedica to be a leading healthcare innovator by identifying and developing forward-thinking ways that constantly push the boundaries of what has become conventional healthcare. Because scientific research is always providing new insights, we believe it is our responsibility to use everything medical science has to offer to improve the health and lives of our patients. As a result, since innovation is achieved through knowledge, we encourage an inter- and transdisciplinary approach to learning and research.

Philanthropy and Development

Consistent with the guiding principle behind the establishment of our clinic, a significant portion of ImunoMedica's earnings are dedicated to the material support of those who are unable to undergo treatment, and the remainder to the development and acquisition of new medical facilities, techniques, and technologies that improve the efficiency of the therapeutic act.


For us, professionalism entails continuously expanding our knowledge, staying abreast of the most recent advancements in our field, taking measures to enhance our abilities, and accepting full responsibility for our actions. We also strive for excellence in all clinical standards of treatment by continually educating ourselves and putting the most recent research into practice.

For us, professionalism entails cutting-edge medical devices and technology, as well as exceptional medical training for the ImunoMedica staff. Competence, continuous improvement of medical and technical-administrative skills, and the pursuit of excellence in all clinical care standards are elements that distinguish the activity and work environment at ImunoMedica.

Professionalism in the patient-employee relationship is characterized by the honesty, confidentiality, and respect that we provide to each recipient of medical services at our clinic.


We work as a team to leverage best practices and innovations in providing the highest quality care for our patients. Teamwork means joining forces, pooling our experience and scientific expertise in order to achieve the best outcomes. To accomplish this, we encourage a climate of openness, mutual respect, and acceptance of one another's viewpoints. As a result, each member of the ImunoMedica team is encouraged to contribute in their own unique way to our collective success.


Every human being is a gift from God, which means that each person is unique and worthy. We respect and devote adequate time to everyone, both patients and staff, so that we can understand them, know their problems, and help them accordingly.

Love and compassion

For us, love means treating patients with the utmost care and compassion, as if they were part of our own family. ImunoMedica's warm and open environment aims to provide a space in which the patient is encouraged, has confidence and hope, and feels valued and assisted in his attempt to cope more easily with the weight of the diagnosis and with the burden posed by the complexity and duration of the therapeutic act.


It is God who enlightens the doctor's mind so that all clinical and scientific experience can be applied to diagnose, treat, and cure the patient. Furthermore, He is the only one who can heal even when there is no hope of a cure. Faith gives peace of mind, peace of heart, and hope, all of which are essential in the healing process.

How can you become a patient of our clinic?

Throughout the whole process, from your initial contact, through treatment and after you leave our clinic, our patient coordinators will guide you through the steps and support you with all their expertise, attention and kindness.


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