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Therapeutic principles

Each person/patient is entirely unique and must be treated holistically, body, mind and soul, since disease is a consequence of an imbalance between the stated triad.

Therefore, it is only natural that our therapeutic approach be personalized and centred on the restoration of dysfunctional systems in the body, on the reinforcement of the fundamental physiological processes that are at the basis of these damaged systems, and on the adjustment of the external factors that negatively impact and destabilize these systems.

In our view, symptoms are important, yet we believe the triggers and facilitators of disease, namely the influence of mental health on the phychoneuroendocrine system, the somatic impact of the quality of social relations etc., to be of equal importance.

There are many things that significantly contribute to the gradual onset of serious health issues: the eating habits, the exposure to various external factors (toxins, viruses, bacteria), the professional environment, the interpersonal relationships and the mental health.

Thus, in the treatment of chronic diseases, it is necessary that an integrative approach be adopted, one that takes into consideration the particular situations, social interactions and unique genetic background of the patient.

Our clinic relies on a new type of disease management that is structured on two directions: eliminate or prevent exposure to external pathogenic factors via conventional and traditional methods, and strengthen the body's own defence mechanisms.

The treatment is always tailored according to the patient's disease - complementary to classic, conventional treatments, we prescribe, for instance, nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, ozone therapy sessions, massage, prayer, psychotherapy.

It is well-known that the use of lesser invasive methods has a minimal negative impact on the patient's quality of life, and it is highly important to keep the patient active every day for as long as it is possible.

Beside stimulating the body's endogenous defence mechanisms, our clinic also emphasizes the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the patient's life.

The reason we do this is because we are aware that, just as the newest studies show, many of the patients' conditions (especially the chronic ones) are, in fact, somatic expressions of internal negative turmoils and emotional states.

How can you become a patient of our clinic?

Throughout the whole process, from your initial contact, through treatment and after you leave our clinic, our patient coordinators will guide you through the steps and support you with all their expertise, attention and kindness.


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