Medical Specialties

Points of Interest. Urology

Uroflowmetry /urinary output –  assesses the degree of low urinary obstruction, which plays a crucial role in the positive and differential diagnosis of sub-bladder urinary obstructions.

Trans-Rectum Prostate Ultrasound (TRUS) – assesses, with a higher degree of accuracy, the existence of proliferative formations (prostate tumors) in the peripheral and transitional areas of the prostate, involved both in benign, but mostly in malign pathologies  

Urinary Tract Ultrasound made with contrast substance (CEUS) -  can diagnose congenital pathologies in young and adult patients (bladder-urethra reflux) – while also allowing the differentiation between benign and malign tumors.

Urodynamic tests / crystomanometry – in the process of being developed.