Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in treating men infertility

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays a significant role in preventing and treating infertility in men. Hyperbaric oxygen promotes fertility by improving sperm density, motility, vigor, serum testosterone levels, and erectile dysfunction.

In the last couple of years, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber has earned a well-deserved role in the therapies treating in a holistic manner(1) infertility due to its effects on improving human well-being. By increasing oxygen in the blood, promoting a better functioning of the organism, stimulating angiogenesis, and, for sure, reducing oxidative stress, hyperbaric oxygen stimulates fertility for both men and women. Since the reproductive system works correctly when the human body is full of energy and without inflammation.

 Men's infertility can be caused by genetic conditions, erectile dysfunction, or bad habits like smoking and obesity. However, recent studies show that all these affect sperm quality. More specifically, as per these studies, 90% of infertility cases present a decrease in spermatozoids and poor sperm quality.(2)

Benefits for men's fertility

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions can successfully treat men infertility because:

Improves sperm quality
According to a study signed by Mitrovic and his coworkers(3), hyperbaric oxygen helps to balance the pH of the sperm since the pH of the sperm directly affects its motility and velocity. It is important to emphasize that the sperm samples belong to patients with low sperm counts (also known as oligospermia). According to the samples, the motility of spermatozoa wasn’t lower than 30%. However, it wasn’t above the critical point of 50%. As an immediate effect, hyperbaric oxygen improves the quality of the semen. It can also enhance the HOS score, which is a test that evaluates the integrity and vitality of sperm cells.

Metelev and his team(4) performed research to establish the impact and benefits of using hyperbaric oxygen for decreasing the level of spermatozoa DNA fragmentation and, subsequently, the semen H2O reactive compounds. This specific research included this time, 90 men diagnosed with idiopathic infertility. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment led to a significant decrease in DNA spermatozoa fragmentation level from 33,2 7,5 la11,9 5,9%, and the sperm free radicals were reduced from 0,89 la 0,39 mV/s. The success of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy was visible through the pregnancy ratio (the partners of the study participants treated in this manner got pregnant much easier, with an increase of 63,3%, compared with a percentage of only 36,7%  for the partners of the participants of the control group).

Reduces the erectile dysfunction
Hyperbaric oxygen improves blood flow and increases angiogenesis, reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction. A brief description of erectile dysfunction would be that normal penis angiogenesis is reversed by interruption of standard blood flow. This cause is applicable for 60% of the cases. Additionally, hyperbaric oxygen therapy also prevents testicular ischemia. The studies show that it can be applied successfully to reduce the risks of developing secondary infertility. Secondary infertility refers to testicular torsion and spinal cord injuries in medical terminology.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy - as per recent studies (5) - can diminish the risk of developing chronic testicular ischemia. Also, it reduces anoxia (the medical term for a decrease in oxygenation of human body tissues below normal physiological values), the microcirculation dysfunction in the testicular tissues, by its role in protecting the structure and the testicles' natural properties. Additionally, a study(6) performed by a group of Jewish medical researchers back in 2018 reveals that erectile dysfunction can be avoided by simply using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The study results show that by using hyperbaric oxygen therapy, erectile dysfunction was prevented by 88% of the participants.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can prevent common pathophysiology, such as atherosclerosis and decreased penis motility, listed as the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Hyperbaric oxygen can be used as a long-term treatment years after the disease diagnostic – especially if, initially, patients didn’t respond successfully to the therapy. The results of this kind of treatment are increased by the frequency of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions and is highly recommended as often as possible.

Hyperbaric oxygen can fight infertility caused by cancer.
Cancer and its standard treatments, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy can deteriorate the blood vessels, consequently impacting sperm secretion. Therefore, regular hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions improve semen secretion and quality due to their unique properties of both cell restructuring and, for sure, really important to emphasize the blood vessels' total rejuvenation.

ImunoMedica Clinic is entirely aware of the current health issues. It provides, uniquely and holistically, solutions to people that encounter common diseases and disorders specific to nowadays lifestyles. One of them is precisely infertility which, unfortunately, is impacting a significant percentage of the population. Therefore, you are welcome at ImunoMedica for a well-deserved and highly recommended hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Doctors, medical researchers, and the entire team expect you with high-class equipment and extraordinary conditions!

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